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Új Látásmód Fúzió – Amorf, Különös, Amorf 1992-1997


Új Látásmód Fúzió is a cult project of the obscure Hungarian Minimal Electronic scene, founded in 1992 by Gáspár Kornél. Kornél, heavily influenced by the 20th century avant-garde Dada movement in Europe, self released multiple editions of cassette tapes beginning in 1992. The music of ÚLF is characterized by charmed and rigid expression, minimalistic soundscapes, and poetic offerings from an unmistakeable baritone voice. Amorf, Különös, Amorf is a collection of unreleased recordings from this era, including a raw version of Közelednek az ünnepek which was featured on Electric Voice’s Sand Beach. compilation from the Topographic Symbols editions.

Limited edition of 100 cassettes – $8.00.

All music and lyrics are written beetween 1992 and 1997 by Gáspár Kornel excerpt B4 – music written by Gáspár Kornél & Vahu

A1 Amorf
A2 Hirtelen halál 
A3 Ma is eljönnek 
A4 Itt vagyok

B1 Sejtemlékezet 
B2 Létezés=Szükségszerűség
B3 Ott akarok lenni
B4 Közelednek az ünnepek

Automelodi “Digresse” single première and European Tour


Today Brooklyn Vegan and Hartzine co-present “Digresse” from the upcoming Surlendemains Acides LP on Electric Voice Records. The album will be available digitally on October 8th and on vinyl for November 1st.

Automelodi – Surlendemains Acides
Surlendemains Acides is the second full length from Xavier Paradis’ project Automelodi, and his first on new label Electric Voice Records. As with Automelodi’s past efforts, this sophomore LP does offer a nod to obscure ‘80/’90s European electronic music—artists such as Trisomie 21 and Grauzone among others—but the main focus of the arrangements, melodies and production on Surlendemains Acides is to frame and carry the album’s very dense and personal lyrical universe: a bittersweet, angular path, haunted by shades of anxiety and disenchantment. These themes translate especially well through Paradis’ cold, yet shimmering French vocals, to create a listening experience with both unusual depth and levity. As Paradis clearly moves towards straightforward songcraft on this latest effort, the Automelodi project is elevated beyond a brilliant work of post modern electronic music to become a true stand-out within the broader context of popular music.


Automelodi – 2013 Tour Dates
03.10.2013: Montreal (QC), Cabaret Playhouse
09.10.2013: NYC, Nothing CHanges
16.10.2013: Brussels (BE), Café Central
17.10.2013: Amsterdam (NL), The Vrankrijk
19.10.2013: Paris (FR), Le Batofar
22.10.2013: Bordeaux (FR), Le Bootleg
23.10.2013: Rennes (FR), Bar’Hic
31.10.2013: Nola/Napoli (IT), White Angel
02.11.2013: Roma (IT), Closer Club
05.11.2013: Budapest (HU), GMK
06.11.2013: Wien (AT), Transformer
08.11.2013: Leipzig (DE), Lola Bar
09.11.2013: Berlin (DE), Naherholung Sternchen



Martial Canterel – Navigations Volume I & Philippe Laurent/HNN 12″ EP Pre Order

Martial Canterel – Navigations Volume I LP Pre Order

Artwork by Dmytrij Wulffius.
Mastered by Brandon Hocura at Polyphasic Studios.

A1 Dusty Paths
A2 Chamber
A3 Diamonds
A4 Cessation
A5 Covers

B1 Reduction
B2 Minos
B3 Swells
B4 Horror Without You
B5 Thruway

Martial Canterel’s Sean McBride began producing minimal dance music on analog synthezisers in 2002. His unique sound would go on to shape the cold wave/minimal-electronic movement of the last decade, but despite his influence, Sean’s work stands apart from the genres he has created. Instead of looking to any scene aesthetic, McBride has always turned inward, focusing on craft, process, and composition. Navigations Vol. 1 returns to those early days to chronicle sketches, unfinished works, and forgotten tracks. In this material we hear a pioneering artist draft the blueprint for what would become 21st century synth music.

Philippe Laurent/HNN 12″ EP Pre Order

Artwork by Alex Pearson/Electric Voice & additional design by Dmytrij Wulffius.
Mastered by Brandon Hocura at Polyphasic Studios.

A1 Exposition 1 – Philippe Laurent (1982)
B1 Authority – HNN (featuring Jeff & Jane Hudson, 2012)

Multi-media artist Philippe Laurent, well known for his Hot-Bip project excavated by Minimal Wave in 2011, is paired with contemporary Minimal Electronic mastermind HNN on this maxi 12″ split single. Laurent’s side was originally released in 1982 on the rare K7 Kunstaustellung which has seen a meticulous remaster from our mastering house Polyphasic Studios. Exposition 1 translates Laurent’s precision with his design work into a symmetrical and well balanced sound for his time. Another French composer, Gregg Anthe, is featured on the flip side with a collaboration with Electric Voice artists’ and friends Jeff & Jane Hudson. They offer an invaluable musical score to the politics of the world we live in. Limited to 500 12″ EPs.



Martial Canterel – Empire EP & dates for Navigations

Martial Canterel’s 2012 Empire EP was originally released on Mcbride’s vanity label Xanten as a limited edition tour CD. A reissue of the quickly deleted CD with alternate design by our Ukrainian designer Dmytrij Wulffius saw a comprehensive release by Hidden Treasure Music. Now for the third time, this EP is available as a very limited cassette from Electric Voice. Limited eddion of 100 black C30 cassettes.

As we approach the release of the delayed first volume of Navigatons Volume I, Mcbride will perform throughout some Atlantic North American cities – including an unheard of appearance in Nova Scotia, Canada. Each in print EV release will be available at these events including our merchandise. If you are a Facebook user, you may subscribe to the event page for updates on events in the cities displayed on the poster by Wulffius, shown below…

To hear music from both the Empire EP and Navigations LP, as well as new unreleased Martial Canterel tracks – I will be playing music and sitting in on Alex Pearson’s radio show Of Dust & Iron today, Thursday July 18th. The show can be streamed from 9:00 PM-10:30 PM AST on CKDU 88.1 FM out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I will also be playing a brand new track from the Automelodi LP coming on Electric Voice this fall…


Xeno & Oaklander shirts, new cassettes from ADN’ Ckystall and the Glenn Winter reissue now available.

Now available from our shop – the new Xeno & Oaklander Sheen T Shirts, a limited cassette from synth mastermind ADN’ Ckrystall and the Glenn Winter reissue from 1986, Bruna Hundars Död. Visit our shop for more information on each item!

Première: Sheen – Xeno & Oaklander on Pitchfork

Electric Voice is honoured to be presenting the new Par Avion EP from Brooklyn’s minimal electronic duo Xeno & Oaklander. To begin, we offer the digital single “Sheen”, which is also available as a tangible object—a silk screened pamphlet designed by Liz Wendelbo that comes with an accompanying download code. To celebrate the single, Xeno & Oaklander embarks on a 2 and a half  week European tour starting today, May 15th. You can purchase the single directly through us on Bandcamp, at most digital retailers like Itunes  and you may  stream the single over at Pitchfork.

In both French and English, Liz Wendelbo’s whispery Jane Birkin vocals explore the alluring warmth of tropical places. This is juxtaposed with the cold and modern sensibility of the duo’s analogue synth arsenal, championed by synth legend Sean McBride.

All recorded live in the Xeno & Oaklander studio, Sean McBride’s signature sequenced staccato synth basslines are set against warm and exotic arpeggios and de rigueur snappy and cold snare drums. Sean also introduces a new sound, unique to this EP: analogue Serge modular synth washes that are reminiscent of shoegaze wall-of-sound and grinding guitars drenched in reverb. Liz Wendelbo’s ghostly string synth arrangements and unusual chord progressions abound with analogue delay note bends. Distant strings interweave with winds of noise to produce a perfect balance between Sean’s sequenced stark compositions and Liz’s ethereal and warm presence.

Photo by Alex Gaidouk 

Par Avion EP will be available in the fall in both vinyl and digital formats from Electric Voice Records.

Recently we also made our recent compilation Electric Voice II available for stream and a digital download directly from us. Listen below, and keep on the look out from Electric Voice releases from Martial Canterel and ADN’ Ckrystall….



Glenn Winter – Bruna Hundars Död (1986, 2013)

We are beyond thrilled to announce that for 1986′s Bruna Hundars Död cassette by Swedish mastermind Glenn Winter will again be available on a limited edition of 200 deluxe cassettes.  A genre that is now prized as Minimal Synth was then foreign to 19 year old Winter – who’s sound simply can not be categorized as such, surpassing any boundaries or limitations most artists’ in this time experienced. The sound is both ethereal and subversive and could be best suited on the dance floor or even for late night’s at home .. We say this in experience, as since discovering this gem from our friends at Systems Of Romance we have celebrated this release in it’s entirety. More of his work has surfaced in the last couple years, as Winter appeared on the infamous compilation Orgelvärk (1986)  that was recently brought back to print at Minimal Wave), otherwise an unknown number of the original Bruna Hundars Död release exists, and is highly sought after by collector’s abroad…

In other exciting news, this reissue is only the beginning of what we’ll have to offer from the Glenn Winter archives, including a completely unreleased vinyl issue that will be announced later this summer. Winter’s new material is not far behind, so keep posted. Bruna Hundars Död will be available in store at Electric Voice on June 1st, 2013 and also at a select number of our respected distribution companies Internationally.

This reissue will include our version of the original J-Card, with an additional booklet containing lost artwork, photos, information on equipment used and comments from Winter on his relationship with this truly incredible release almost 30 years later. The audio has been carefully remastered by Winter himself, and audio samples will be available closer to the release, but for now enjoy this version of Prins Reimon  from Bruna Hundars Död. We are honoured to be working with Glenn on this overdue reissue of this classic and timeless cassette in it’s original format.


Information Age: Xeno & Oaklander Sheen Single Pamphlets & Digital Download Code


As we progress in a time where the Internet has become the main tool for general retail and as digital music sales increase, we take pride in maintaining our purist roots and analog formatting ideals. To integrate the digital download purchase into a tangible collector’s item – we have created a bridge between the digital and physical retail world. We will objectify the digital download purchase through a series of formats with accompanying download code with intentions of your download code becoming a collector’s item. To begin, we present to you Xeno & Oaklander’s Sheen Single pamphlet – in a wonderful four-face silk screened pamphlet designed by Xeno & Oaklander’s own Liz Wendelbo. Each of these objects will include a one-time redeemable download code, contrasted with Xeno & Oaklander’s signature grid design and elegant text. A limited edition of 2000 pamphlets with their respective download codes are available in our online store for pre order for $5.50 postage paid, as well as at any of the Xeno & Oaklander shows during their upcoming tour in celebration of the release. These will ship within the week following May 15th.

From the eyes of Xeno, “I love pamphlets, the format fits in the pocket – you can keep it close to you. I thought that for our single, Sheen, it would be fitting for the digital release to be a pamphlet – an object, something you can collect. You can hold it, prop it on your shelf, and frame it if you want. It becomes a poster too when you unfold it. I like the fact that it’s silk-screened, each one is different, and the hand leaves its mark. It’s a desirable object, and it’s very minimal.”

Visit the pre order now to reserve and assure the ownership of these truly wonderful and innovative alternatives to a digital download purchase. You may also pre order digitally via Itunes now!

Xeno & Oaklander “Sheen” Single May 15 & European Tour

An honor arises as we accept the pleasure to work with our friends of the great Xeno & Oaklander to present their follow up EP to 2011′s Sets & Lights LP, titled Par Avion.  This 6 song EP will be released on vinyl/digital in the fall, and in anticipation, the first single “Sheen” will see a digital release on May 15th. To celebrate, the Brooklyn based duo will also perform a full European tour brought to you by our kind contemporaries at Hidden Treasure Music. Below we preview the artwork as it’s come to its completion by Liz Wendelbo, one member of the duo.

As Liz explains, “The artwork for ‘Sheen’ is a collage of unearthed artworks from the X&O archive – it is a collection of ephemera, it captures a moment in time. It is both warm and cold. Warm, nude and analogue textures make it sensual, like the song. The cool layout provides an elegant structure that echos the minimal electronics of the track. I’ve been collecting every scrap that was ever produced around, for or by X&O since we began. So the grid is a recurring theme for X&O, and this blue grid was an experiment I did that became another work further down the line. The font is our neo-classical font, which we’ve used repeatedly. The silk screen on uncoated paper is a test print we did and that we forgot about. It is a section of the map of the Acropolis. Sections of this map feature in all our releases. The painting by Kelsey Henderson is a work in progress – this nude or raw stage no longer exists, it has become a different painting. The photo of Sean is a Polaroid I took of him at my studio – I rediscovered it recently by chance. This collage is a clin d’oeil to our own history as Xeno & Oaklander.”

Visit our Facebook pages and subscribe for instant updates pertaining to the release, tour and more related affairs. Please get in touch with Hidden Treasure Music  (hidden-treasure@gmx.de) if you are interested in hosting X & O on their upcoming European Tour starting in Paris, France May 15th in any of the following cities:

15.05. Paris (BE), Garage MU
16.05. Brussels (BE), Peniche Fulmar 1913 *
18.05. Leipzig (DE), Anker (Wave Gotik Treffen) *
24.05. Prato (IT), Exenzia Club
25.05. Rome (IT), Venue to be announced
26.05. Madrid (ES), Nasti
27.05. Valencia (ES), La Residencia
29.05. Bordeaux (FR), Le Bootleg
30.05. Rennes (FR), DMA Galerie
31.05. London (UK), The Waiting Room **
01.06. Dublin (IE), Joinery Gallery
03.06. Newcastle (UK), Think Tank
04.06. Manchester (UK), Venue to be announced

*   w/ Frank (Just Frank)
** w/ Phosphor

Xeno & Oaklander Facebook
Hidden Treasure Facebook
Electric Voice Facebook

Martial Canterel Nagivations T Shirt & Southern European Tour

Electric Voice presents a very limited Martial Canterel – Navigations T Shirt designed by Dmytrij Wulffius, hand silk screened on black 100% cotton T shirts.  There are still shirts available in our shop for $15.00 CAD + shipping & handling. In this release, we celebrate the upcoming Martial Canterel Southern European tour via Hidden Treasure Music as well as foreshadow the Navigations Volume I LP coming this spring on Electric Voice.

Here, following, are the dates for this tour:
28.03. Barcelona (ES), Moog Club
29.03. Valencia (ES), La Residencia
30.03. Madrid (ES), Nasti
04.04. Milano (IT), Rocket Club
05.04. Bologna (IT), Decadence
06.04. Roma (IT), Closer Club
12.04. Lyon (FR), Le Sonic
13.04. Paris (FR), La Miroiterie
26.04. Athens (GR), Death Disco
27.04. Thessaloniki (GR), Les Yper Yper

In anticipation of the release, with you we share the album artwork by Dmytrij Wulffius in the Ukraine. Dmytrij has joined Electric Voice in deisgn. Details on the LP release are to come.